Celebrating excellence in making and honouring the extraordinary living craft tradition of Dehua, China, Ting-Ying presents unique and limited edition Blanc de Chine porcelain works. Established by ceramic designer Peter Ting and writer Ying Jian, Ting-Ying is dedicated to highlighting both the traditional and contemporary while also developing an invited residency programme where makers of today engage with ancient skills to define a new way of thinking through making. 


Peter Ting is a ceramics designer counting HM The Queen, HRH The Prince of Wales, Asprey, Thomas Goode, as clients. His collaboration with Dehua artisans is in the collection at Victoria and Albert Museum, London, England.


Ying Jian is the founder of Kaolin, a website based in China, promoting global ceramics and makers. His knowledge and passion for porcelain is second to none. Ying worked with Ting on the celebrated Royal Salute ‘Archmestary Dinner’ launched in Hong Kong during HK Art Basel, 2016.


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Blanc de Chine porcelain has been in production in Dehua, Fujian Province, China since the Ming Dynasty (1368–1644). White tableware and Bodhisattva statues started to arrive in Europe in the early part of the 18th Century and caused a sensation throughout the continent.


The secret recipe of hard paste porcelain was discovered by Johann Friedrich Böttger in 1708. In 1710, Meissen became the first true porcelain manufacturer in Europe where the early Chinese pieces were hugely admired and replicated.


He Chaozong was a celebrated early 17th-century Chinese potter. He fashioned mainly Buddhist white Blanc de Chine porcelain statuary in Dehua and earned a considerable reputation during his lifetime. Works identified by his seal are rare, desirable and highly prized. His hallmark gourd shaped seal is much coveted and reproduced, so much so that the gourd shape has been adopted as a mark for Blanc de Chine made in Dehua.    


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