Liang Wanying China, b. 1989

Liang Wanying was born in North West China. Having grown up in the city of Xi'an, a place with a long history, Liang's work is deeply influenced by the traditional culture of her hometown. In 2011, she received BFA from China Central Academy of Fine Art in Beijing. Before moving to America to study ceramics at Alfred University in 2016, Liang set up her studio in Jingdezhen to make art pieces and tableware. In April 2018, she was awarded MFA and had her thesis exhibition in Turner Gallery, showcasing a summary for her years' study.


As a student studying in the USA from 2016-2018, Liang encountered chaos and complexity as she sought to connect with people across different cultural spheres. These vague communications and even language barriers resulted in an isolating experience that subsequently informed her practice. Creating work that evokes a sense of calm, she invites the viewer to enter a contemplative space where time slows down and the anxieties of daily life are set aside, allowing a sense of belonging and stillness to emerge.


Liang is also deeply interested in the formality and framework of rituals, a process that encourages us to play a role and even subvert reality, while bringing together structure and emotion into her expressive sculptural forms.