Anna Silverton British, b. 1959

"I explore balance, between the softness of throwing clay and precision of turning, the dense purity of porcelain and its fragile translucency, elegance and playfulness …. tension between expansion and constraint.…. I focus on gradual renewal of form and meticulous finish."

Anna Silverton's ceramics are an ode to the sensual delights of porcelain. Guided by touch, Anna explores tactility, balance, and light. She exclusively throws porcelain, enjoying how the hollow forms grow from solid clay, and how the tension between expansion and constraint turns into the perfect profile. To produce her large vessels, she seamlessly joins two separate thrown sections together, and finely trims edges so thin they become translucent. Her meticulous finishes enhance elegant shapes with clean profiles and sharp punctuation. But for such serene, sensual, and stately vases, her glaze colours are surprisingly playful. Bold juicy hues and whispered milky pastels- Anna's new glaze work adds fresh dimensions to her porcelain art.


After 40 years of mastering technique, Anna is known for her meticulous finishes. Consequently, she has been sought for public commissions including the Four Seasons Hotel, plus restaurants, galleries, and architectural projects around the world.  Anna trained in London at Camberwell School of Art and gained her MA at the Royal College of Art. Afterwards she taught and made pottery at the Syracuse University in New York, USA. Returning to London in 1991, Anna set up her first studio with a Crafts Council Setting-Up Grant. Her current workshop is based in Ramsgate, Kent.