Stillness & Movement: Sotheby's Geneva - in partnership with TASTE Contemporary

28 - 30 January 2020

Sotheby’s dedicated gallery space in Geneva plays host to a rich dialogue between ceramics, ink painting and large-scale mixed-media canvases. We will be exhibiting a beautiful selection of work by Taiwanese artist and poet Chiang Yomei as well as expressive ceramics by Dutch-born Babs Haenen, and sensuous, tactile pieces by Belgian artist Anne Marie Laureys. These will be shown alongside the thought-provoking work of Geneva-based visual artist Paul March, and delicate porcelain pieces by fourth-generation Blanc de Chine sculptor Su Xianzhong.


The selling exhibition, in collaboration with Monique Deul from Taste Contemporary, stages a fresh interaction between these contrasting but complementary art forms.