BLANC DE CHINE: Contemporary Visions: ESH Gallery, Milan

15 May - 12 July 2019

Ting-Ying Gallery in collaboration with ESH Gallery is pleased to present BLANC DE CHINE: Contemporary Visions, an exhibition with different Chinese artists, which are making of white porcelain from Dehua – known as Blanc de Chine – the stylistic hallmark of their works.


In occasion of ESH Gallery’s first time at Milano Asian Art 2019, the exhibition will represent the testing ground for showing a new vision for this material that has made the history of collecting. Beside the whiteness and the purity of these porcelain sculptures from our artists, there will be presented for the first time at ESH Gallery Manuel Bonfanti’s paintings.


The exhibition will face stylistic researches that are really different from each other: bright colors on one side and pure white on the other, figurative sculptures against abstraction, tradition and contemporaneity are coming out with the comparison between the East and the West.