Unknown to Me: Connolly, 4 Clifford Street

23 September - 12 November 2022

Ting-Ying Gallery is delighted to collaborate with Connolly to present Janet Line's sculptures.Set in the exquisite upstairs gallery at Connolly store in Mayfair, this exhibition features the latest work of Janet's sculptures in clay.


Coiling clay ribbons into mouth-like openings, cavernous interiors and narrow passageways, British ceramic artist Janet Lines explores the precarious state of stepping into the Unknown. Emphasising junctions between space and using metaphors of sticks, bundles and sacks, familiar objects are suddenly rendered uncanny and abstract. The fragile and vulnerable state of displacement, dis-belonging, and confrontation with the Unknown are articulated. In a series of incremental changes, one form begets another in a slow metamorphosis. Leaving marks of making evident to accentuate the beauty of the clay, these works reflect on why making matters and the power objects possess to convey narrative.