LOT - solo exhibition of Oriel Zinaburg’s new work: Gallery 10, Cromwell Place, 4 Cromwell Place, London SE7 2JE

6 - 11 December 2022

"Oriel Zinaburg is inspired by the desert - and the thrilling idea that through one backward glance the fluidity of life and emotion can be stilled forever." 

-- Emma Crichton-Miller, Editor-in-Chief of The Design Edit

We are delighted to present Oriel Zinaburg's first solo exhibition. His large-scale sculptural vessels made of marbled clay, spiralling from narrow bases with a centrifugal energy before being dressed in multiple layers of glaze, reflect Zinaburg's fascination with the material and its interaction equally with the elemental forces of nature - fire and water - and the drama of human feeling. Surrendering the final outcome to the vagaries of the kiln, the finished work is what the artist calls a frozen moment, still charged with the dynamism of its making but, as if caught unawares, preserved forever.